Two-eyed Seeing

Two-eyed Seeing

Fortunately, when I moved to Vancouver in 2008, I was invited to be part of an advisory group that created one of the first cultural safety-training programs for health care providers in Canada. I learned about history, diversity and resilience of the First Nations Peoples in Canada, information that I had never been taught in school.

The training program and my self-discovering happened in parallel. In a way these two life-changing learning opportunities gave me the confidence to teach in a way that would honour the strengths of First Nations Peoples and traditional ancestry ways of knowing. Given my values and background, I cannot imagine another way to teach.

I have reconciled my complex history by finding a path forward that includes a holistic approach to health and to life. I try to find balance between the analytical and the creative, the art and the science, the knowing and the seeing, and the feminine and the masculine.

I often use dialogue circles, storytelling and imagery to depict concepts as teaching methods.


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