Paola is not only a current leader in health promotion in Canada, but she is destined to be a future one as well.”  Health Promotion Canada, National Mid-Career Award, Dec 2017.

Paola Ardiles is a public health advocate, an educator and a social entrepreneur. Throughout her career she has led various collaborative and innovative approaches in research, policy and practice, to enable a broader understanding of our collective role in promoting health and well-being for all.

Paola serves as a bridge or a “knowledge broker” through her roles as a lecturer, mentor, advocate, researcher, policy analyst, entrepreneur, advisor, facilitator and public speaker. In 2017, Paola was recognized as one of TD Bank’s 10th Most Influential Hispanic Canadians.

I would call her a practical visionary. Along with her outstanding leadership and organizational skills, she infuses her work with deep compassion for those who suffer from illness and their families. Paola is highly cognizant of the social issues that often contribute to the genesis of illness.
Physician, Bestselling Author & Public Speaker

In 2018 Ardiles was awarded the inaugural SFU President’s Social Media Newsmaker of the Year Award which recognizes outstanding work engaging an online audience to shape public knowledge and opinion. Her ability to advance social change online has helped to highlight that health is a fundamental right, and that everyone has a role to play in creating healthy communities, schools and workplaces.

“Paola has published and contributed to work in various public health areas including: mental health promotion, health literacy, cultural competency, immigrant & refugee health, and women’s mental health.”

Paola's teaching and Learning Journey at
Simon Fraser University

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